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Products/Service : Wigs, human hair, synthetic wigs, accessories, handbag hangers, mannequins

As one of the professional wig manufacturers and merchants in China, Changtai Wig Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1992 and possesses rich production experience of more than ten years. The company is located in the International Trade City, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. In order to satisfy customer's demands, we have being committed ourselves to control the quality of our products and promote our workmanship and technological level. We shoot at making our products lifelike and perfect based on our abundant professional experience. Our products find a good sale in Japan, the Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Africa, Australia and other countries and regions all over the world winning the favor of customers in China and abroad. Our company specializes in manufacturing high-grade synthetic wigs, human hair and other styles of wig products. While improving product quality, we continuously develop new style of wigs suitable for the current fashion tendency. Furthermore, we have released special products and tailored the wig products in accordance with customers' requests. In addition to above 5,000 styles of products available for customers to choose, we put different styles of new products into market each month. The idea of "sincerity, creation and development" for which Changtai Wig Co., Ltd has pursued since its founding has won a good reputation of "fashion hairdo" for its product series.

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