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The following list are professional Capacitor manufacturers and Capacitor suppliers from China that you can trust.

Premier Capacitor manufacturers

Shanghai Haoye Capacitors Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...hai Haoye Capacitors Co., Ltd. developed to become a professional manufacturer of 'metallized' polypropylene film capacitors in China. With our main facilities in Shanghai and an office ......

Ningbo Jiangbei Gofront Herong Electric Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ocomotive Capacitor Development Center) was founded by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works (Gofront), CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute (Times) and Ningbo Jia ......

Phonda Multi Co. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...amic Disc Capacitor and Ceramic Dielectric Element -- Silvered Disc (Class I, II, III, AC and DC Low/Hi Voltage, )2) Packing material for making Ceramic Disc Capacitor,MLCC3) All parts of Ceramic ...

Flying Dragon International Development Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...'s policy.Capacitor are our major product lines. However, as the industries grow and develop rapidly, we have diversified our product lines to provide completementary services to our customers.Number ...

New Century IMP.& EXP.Group Co. Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ach kinds Capacitor, Diodes, Transistor, Potentiometer, Fuse, Relays, Refrigerator Compressor, Water Pumps, Searing-iron, Soldering Guns, Solder, Hot Glue Guns, Spray Guns, Nailers, Nylon Ties, etc. ...

Era Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...s,Relays, Capacitor, Fuses,Magnetic Starter,AC Contactor,UPS,PC parts,Cable ties,Circle Nail clips,Terminal Connector,Power meters,Panel meters, Cables, Current Transformers,Power transformer, electro...

Midcom Electronics Ltd - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...tachi AIC(Capacitors),We also buy OEM surplus inventories.We ship daily to domestic and International locationsWe are experienced and educated in all export requirements.We specialize in distribution ...

PIA Inc. Corp - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...equiry on Capacitor inculding electric components, Pls contact us without any hesitation.Waiting for your kind attention. This member's information has NOT been authenticated or verified by Alibaba o...

Muliacorp Network Company Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ys, Power Capacitors. Our products in this category are mainly from USA, Taiwan, China, beside also carrying brand name such as Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, Kenwood etc.Car Accessories Air freshener, Air pa...

Eppscore Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ring SuperCapacitor& SuperCapacitor Banks for many kinds of Applications. The Application region is as follows1) Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Electric Vehicles2) Solar LED illumination System3) Car Audio ...

Precision Electronic Circuit - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...PONENTS - Capacitors, Resistors, Integrated Circuits,LEDs & Displays, Transistors, Diodes & Recifiers, Capacitors, Resistors, Relays, Switches, Connectors, Plugs & Sockets, Power Sources, etc.. ELECTR...

Enrich Technology Co., Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...trolytice CapacitorsMonthly Capacity General Type 50KK pcsVoltage Range 4V - 450VCapacitance Range 0.1 - 33000ufTemperature Range -55 - +125SMD Type 10KK pcsVoltage Range 4V - 4...

Mrideep Consultants & Agents - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...stic Film Capacitor's Machines and materials, Vacuum Coating Plants and consumables, Non-ferrous wires and Machinery for Non-ferrous Wires, Speciality Coatings and machinery for Flexible Packaging, Ho...

Datec Technologies Ltd - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ts, i. E. Capacitors& transistors.We currently have a wide range of stock which is added to on a daily basis. Lots of this stock is sourced from OEM's and is both new and packaged. Further to this, we...

Rat Control Devices Pvt. Ltd. - CAPACITOR manufacturer and AC Capacitor, Asylum is now aiming to provide you complete protection and safety. Due to extreme quality controls of best competitive conditions, we are among the fastest growing manufacturer o...

Western Hivolts Equipments Pvt. Ltd - CAPACITOR manufacturer Power Capacitor Bushings up to 18 kV. We have been exporting our products to various countri...

Aflex Wheeltron - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ctrolytic Capacitors in their ISO90001 accredited facilities in Milan, Italy. Itelcond capacitors are well known for1. Extended temperature range.2. Very long life.3. High surge voltage.4. ...

Pt Samcon - CAPACITOR manufacturer Samwha Capacitor which is mother company of The Samwha group started out in 1956. Pt Samcon have started to produce Disc Ceramic Capacitors and Varistor since November 2001 and acquired ISO 9002, S...

Globe Capacitors Ltd - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...4 Million Capacitors.Swiss Technology CNC Winding Machines. We are catering to wide range of OEM&multinational Co. Nevertheless, we are exporting to USA, South Africa, Middle East, West&South East Asi...

Maxcap Electronics Sdn. Bhd - CAPACITOR manufacturer
...ctrolytic Capacitors.Working temperature -40 to 105 deg. C.Working Voltage from 6.3 Volt to 450Volt.Capacitance range from 0.47uf to 1F.OEM service available. This member's information has NOT been a...

Zhejiang People Electric Appliances Group Co., Ltd - CAPACITOR manufacturer
.... Fuses4. Capacitors5. Meters6. Relays7. Transformers8. Starters9. Pushbuttons10. Explosion proof electric11. Switches & sockets12. Electrical accessories PVC tape, cable tie, distribution box, termin...

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