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The following list are professional AC Electric Motor manufacturers and AC Electric Motor suppliers from China that you can trust.

Premier AC Electric Motor manufacturers

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. - AC manufacturer
...o., Ltd. (ACC), is one of the largest import and export companies in China. In 2004, A.H.A's turnover w ......

Zhejiang Sungo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...ang Sungo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of freezers, refrigerators, showcases, washing machines and electric kettles. Located in Cixi City of Zhejiang Province, our comp...

Ningbo AAA Group Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...AAA Group Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a holding company of the AAA Group; which is a successful business in the printing, papermaking and construction materials industries. In June 2004 o ......

Zhejiang Aceme Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...94, Aceme Electric Vehicles is a Sino-US joint-venture. We specialize in the design and manufacture of various kinds of electric vehicles for elders, sports and entertainment. Our production base is l...

Ningbo Andy Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...ngbo Andy Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and other home appliances. Located in the coastal city of Ningbo, one of the largest ports in China, we are able...

Yuyao City Meile Electric Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...ity Meile Electric Co., Ltd. specialize in the production and distribution of stationery products, promotional gifts, and souvenirs. With six years of exporting experience, we now export 95% of our pr...

Zhongshan Yaosheng Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
... Yaosheng Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a specialized household electric appliance developer, manufacturer and seller enterprise that has been granted the self-support import and export rights. ...

Qingdao Aucma Electric Vehicle Department - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...dao Aucma Electric Vehicle Department is one of the biggest twelve departments of Qingdao Aucma Group General Company, and specialized in producing various electric vehicles. We stick to the developin...

Jiangsu Baixue Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer Baixue Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, ice makers, and a host of other appliances We have been exporting for four years now,...

Baoerma Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd(Home) - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...e Baoerma Electrical Appliance Ltd. Co is formally founded. Our products include washing machine, cool and hot fan, electrical fan, oil heater, halogen he ......

Beijing Huadong Electric Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...g Huadong Electric Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, manufacturing and service of low-, medium- and high-voltage switches and electrical transmission equipment. With our products available in n...

Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer Candor Electric Appliances Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and leading supplier of thermoelectric wine coolers & refrigerators in China. We are also one of the top supplier of thermocouples...

Foshan Chuandong Thermal Magnetic Electrical Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
... Magnetic Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, with three subsidiary companies Shanghai Powersky Electronics Co., Ltd, Shanghai Chuandong Thermal Magnetic Electrical Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Tranc...

Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. is a world-famous electronic appliance manufacturer. We have net assets amounting to USD2,500,000,000 and 35,000 staff members, among which, there are over 3,000 technical...

Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. is a private owned specialized manufacturer of electrical motor products.Specifically, with USD5,244,000 fixed assets and 1,000,000-set annual production capacity, we ar...

Zhejiang Chengkang Machinery & Electrical Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...chinery & Electrical Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Wenling Chengkang Micro Motors Factory) established in 1978, is an enterprise integrating manufacturing and trade of machinery and electr...

Ningbo Aole Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...ngbo Aole Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. it is one of leading manufacturers and direct exporters of household electrical appliances in China. We mainly engage in the production of small electrical app...

Ruian Aotai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...ian Aotai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of copper, iron, porcelain, plastic screw lampholders (E14, E27, E40) and spigot lampholders (B15d, B22d). Meanwhile, the qualit...

Zhejiang Fengkai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. - ELECTRIC manufacturer
...g Fengkai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, the China scientific and technological hardware city. Established in 1991, we owned the import and export license in ...

Zhejiang Chengkang Machinery & Electrical Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...ang Micro Motors Factory) established in 1978, is an enterprise integrating manufacturing and trade of machinery and electric products. At present our c ......

Chongqing Charming Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
... Charming Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. engages in design, development, manufacture and sale of sports and recreational ATVs, dirt bikes, mopeds and other related power sports products. After all t...

Zhangjiagang Shenguang Automobile & Motorcycle Accessories Produce Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...omobile & Motorcycle Accessories Produce Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various types of spark plugs and key parts, middle central electrodes, and spark plug equipment. Our company covers more than...

Guangdong Dafu Motorcycle Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...dong Dafu Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in China with a registered capital of USD2,500,000 and fixed assets worth more than USD12,500,000. First founded in 1996, ...

Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...g Dajiang Motorcycle Engine Manufacture Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1993. On the basis of the 10-year experience of engine development, design and production, ......

Changzhou East Dragon Motor Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer Dragon Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional motorcycle manufacturer appointed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Public Security. We have integrated development, pro...

Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Motor Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
... Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is a stock company with registered capital of USD50,000,000. We are specialized in manufacturing Dazhong Brand electric motors which have become a national famous product. ...

Taizhou Jiapeng Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...u Jiapeng Motorcycle Parts Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in manufacturing faucets, shower panels and shower poles. Our company totally occupies 4 acres, where stand several standard factories and an off...

Fortune Imports & Exports Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer Xinjie Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. (Zhongxing Group) is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in China and specializes in the production of motorcycles, ranging from 50cc to 250cc. In ad...

Sanshui Jialing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...i Jialing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established in 1993. We are invested by China Jialing Industrial Corp. (Group) - the subsidiary company of China Weapon Equipment Group, Hong Kong Hen...

Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...g Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a privately-owned enterprise specialized in researching, producing, and marketing of motorcycles and engines. With nearly USD40,000,000 of assets in tota...

Wuxi Differential Motor Factory - MOTOR manufacturer
...ferential Motor Factory was established in 1980 and is mainly concerned with the manufacture of a large range of medium and small-scale electrical machinery. Our factory covers an area of 35,000 squar...

Wenzhou Huayang Crane Motor Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...ang Crane Motor Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of single-phase electric hoists, speediness electric hoists, high-speed electric hoists, electric winches, hand winches and hand lifts, having t...

Hangzhou Tianqi Motor Vehicle Components Co., Ltd. - MOTOR manufacturer
...ou Tianqi Motor Vehicle Components Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of vehicle components. With 20 years of precious experience in producing and marketing vehicle components, we have introduced...

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Textile Machine Spare Parts
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